I have been diagnosed Lichen Planus Genitalis and I was using mild steroid creme Betamethasone 0.1% Ointment in first two weeks but no effects,than I took a stronger steroid creem Dermovate 0.5 mg/g (Clobetasoli propionas) and the red areas on the top of my penis were almost gone but not entirelly,it was almost invisible but still there and not red but pink almost like the colour of the skin.The problem is that I use Dermovate for two weeks and the red areas are almost gone but then a make a one week break and everything comes back,than I use it for another two weeks and it's almost gone,then again one week break and I'm at the beginning again.I have been using Dermovate for eight weeks now (4 x two weeks of using it with 3 x one week of making a break). I believe I need to use some steroid creme that is stronger than Dermovate but not too strong considering the fact I need to use it on the genital area. Do you think so too and if you do what steroid creme should I use?I need your assistance.Thank you.
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replied November 18th, 2009
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I think you should see a Dermatologist for this problem...If it is not getting better, then it needs another opinion...Take care...

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