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Leukodystrophy treatment for 2.6 year Baby

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Hi all,

I am from Banglash.....just want to know about possible treatments available at present of Leukodystrophy, for my son 2.6 year old male child. His symptoms is he cannot stand & walk. His leg and eye boll compels. But he convinced everything and try to speak. His Psychotherapy is continuing but progress is poor. Please suggest me what we should to do ?

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replied July 6th, 2009
Hi Khoshru,

Check out the Leukodystrophy website They also have a discussion forum at dystrophy-foundation/

Do you know what type of Leukodystrophy your son has? We have had success with physical therapy and hippotherapy (therapy on a horse)

I hope it helps,

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replied April 25th, 2011
hi, iam mukthyar. you can add food supliments to your child. it will more helpfull in recovery in your child.
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