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Leukemia but normal CBC

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to know it is possible to have Leukemia symptoms but have 4 very normal CBC's in a period of 1 1/2 months? WBC maintain to stay ~9-9.5, all other blood counts are in normal ranges. Main symptoms include left side abdominal pain, a little fatigued, gum pain, minor amt of weight loss (could be due to anxiety over thinking I have leukemia). My Dr. is convinced there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and that it is all in my head (which it might be but seems so real to me). No one in family has leukemia but childhood friend died 2 yrs ago from AML.

Thanks for anyone's advice if they have it to share or have a similar experience. Take Care and wishing all of you continued Great health!!!
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replied August 15th, 2008
I recommend you to visit another doctor if you dont feel comfortable but I cant tell you, its normal for you to have these syptoms because you are really stress about this, I must say your symptoms sounds more like stress consequences than leukimia I say it because my brother has leukimia and leukimia is not a cancer you find out when you are old, its a cancer that comes in your blood since you are born, its always appear in your blood when you are 2 or 3 years old.

Try to relax maybe go on vacations, when you come back you'll probably wont have the syptoms, if not visit another doctor. Best of lucks.
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replied September 25th, 2008
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2pera -i'm sorry your brother has leukemia. however, you are not born with leukemia and it is not just present in your blood when you are two or three years old. anyone can get leukemia at any age. there are different types of leukemia. childhood leukemia is the most common so maybe thats what you're thinking. i was diagnosed with childhood leukemia when i was 12. i am 23 now.

carly, i would see another doctor and get a second opinion. if your health still comes back fine maybe you need to see a psychologist to deal with the emotional issues/obsession/fear you have about leukemia. maybe talking about what happened to your friend will help you get through it.
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replied July 27th, 2011
I have Acute leukemia AML and went natural, no chemo, feel good!
I had relationship and family stress for 3 years and got acute Leukemia AML. What a surprise. I was good and sick. so easily exhausted. anemia. looked yellow.I didn't do chemo, one of the few that didn't. Instead of feeling worse and worse I feel better and better every day. Used a rife energy machine, wheat grass juice, and many natural and herbal pills. Asparagus and beets are good too. You don't have to do chemo! Going on 5 months and feel remarkably well each day.
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