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Hi there. I'm undiagnosed (im going to doctors next week) but people have been telling me that my mood changes more than they can count in a week and I have to admit I feel like two different people sometimes and sometimes don't understand the feelings I'll feel and the things I do.

I was wondering if anyone else finds this. I change my writing style both on computer and paper all of the time according to mood. I also hate writing letters sometimes which hang down such a Y and G as it just looks wrong sometimes. Its like an obsession. I also have an obsession with everything creative. I'm obsessed with taken photographs. Sometimes I hate taken my photo then when I'm on these 'high' periods I'll take a million and one and I have 70 photo albums on facebook and I'm starting to think its just more than taken photos and its a characteristic of something as people judge me for it. Also I love being in front of camera and used to do some mad things on webcam to people on 'high' periods. But people loved that bout me. They thought I was one of a kind and bonkers!!! I probably am!!!
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replied May 12th, 2011
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my bf is bipolr and HATES having his picture taken.
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