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Lets Decide To Go For Breast Screening In October

Breast screening is recommended to catch the symptoms of breast cancer when they are not large enough to appear. This screening is a reliable source to get information about the ongoing changes within breasts. Mostly, it is started when women reach at the age of 50, but in case of having one or more risk factors it can be started earlier.
At initial stage this cancer is too small to feel and does not cause any discomfort or sign, but at later stage its signs become obvious by changing shape and size of breasts or any of the following breast cancer symptoms can occur
1. Lump in any area of breast or armpit
2. Thickening or swelling in any area or tissue of breast
3. Redness or irritation
4. Dimples or wrinkles on breast skin
5. Pain or pulling in of nipple
6. Any type of discharge from nipple other than breast milk
7. Pain other than cyclical pain before menstruation that is experienced by almost every woman
If these symptoms appear at later stage when they are not manageable then there are fewer chances to cure it successfully. Early detection is possible through screening only and there are less chances of dying from breast cancer for those who go for regular screening.

How the Risk Can Be Reduced?

Preventing this cancer is not possible, but its risk can be decreased by making some small changes in your life style such as
1. Control your body weight
2. Get information about your family history if you have first degree relative with breast cancer consult your doctor about how can you reduce your risk of developing this cancer
3. Learn about the risks and benefits of using hormone replacement therapy
4. Limit your alcohol intake
5. Increase your physical activity
6. Eat a healthy diet use more fruits and vegetables
7. Avoid food rich in fats
8. Breast feed your infants
9.Avoid the use of birth control pills
Another important step that can be taken to reduce the risk is doing self examination on regular basis. It is your personal decision, but it is a beneficial act that can help you notice unusual changes as they occur in breasts. Those who perform it are well aware of its benefits and perform it monthly. According to studies most of the women have found breast cancer during self examination.
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Reducing your fats is right rather then saying as weight loss. if you put up some weight around 18 to 22 pounds when you are 18 then y6ou have 70 to 80 percent chance of having breast cancer.
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