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Lets be done with the addiction

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Hi guys! My name is Britt, i have been cutting for about 2 and some years. I started when i had just turned thirteen. Ive read many posts about not being able to stop and such and decided to make this post. I hope to help u to start ur recovery, and even though i havent started mine we can start together. Somethings you can do when you get that urge is the butterfly method, the rubber band trick, talk to someone or call them, exercise, go for a clam walk, listen to ur favorite song (an uplifting one)(i will list some songs later in the post), draw red pen on ur arm, rub and ice cube on ur arm (although i would not really recommend doing that often because that could become and addiction as well, and dont think abt it thinking about it will only make the urge stronger. Some things also you can do is get RID of ur cutting tools or give them to a friends u can trust not to give em back. If possible seek professional help and tell ur parents if u feel not up to that yet i understand. Figure out what is causing u the trigger and try to prevent it. Do things that make you happy like painting, singing, dancing, etc. You can write ur feeling in a journal. Take a deep breath, relax, distract urself, scream as loud as you can. Play with a pet, take a bath or shower but make sure no cutting tools are near that area, take a nap, (if religious) pray. Know that we care and people do love you. Your are NOT alone. if u are having a hard time feel free to come on here and write to me and if u dont feel comfortable writing for others to see u can private message me, i check everyday.

Strong Songs
Britt Nicole-When she Cries
Hinder-Running In The Rain
Superchick-Stand In The Rain
To Write Love On Her Arm- Helio
To Write Love On Her Arm-Stop The Bleeding

if you have some songs feel free to post em, or ideas, or anything. Im here to talk and help. Smile
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replied October 24th, 2011
Oh btw for those who are not sure what the butterfly method is here is what you do.
Think of some people you love. Draw a butterfly or have them draw a butterfly on you. Name the butterfly after tht person or ppl. You can not cut until the butterfly is completely gone you may not scrub it off. If u do cut b4 its gone then u have just killed ut butterfly and that person. Draw as many as u want and have fun.
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replied October 27th, 2011
I found another really awesome method for u guys! Here it is, for recovering cutters, there is a bracelet, with how ever many orange beads you want, and every month you dont cut, you replace an orange bead with a white one... until its white, and you can call yourself recovered and if you slip up take off one white bead and put back on a orange one. Orange bracelets and ribbons stand for self-injury and support. SI awareness day is in march so around then will be messaging u all to see how u r doing Smile. Please let me know what u think or ur story or what ever! Thanks guys!
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