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Lesion in brain ?

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I am Marnelli from the Philippines. I have a nephew who has lesion in his brain affecting both his right and left hemispheres. Initially we thought he had epilepsy and even his doctor thought so. He had seizures which started when he is about three and that worsened as he grows older. This prompted my sister to seek other specialist and found out about the lesion in his brain. What the doctor can\'t answer is if the lesion had been there since birth or it developed from some undetermined cause.

I am worried with the extent of damage his illness is doing to him and we wanted him to live a normal life which with his condition is very much difficult. All his activities are being affected by his illness to add to the fact that it is very much detrimental.

My sister is hesitant to let him undergo surgery especially because the the his new doctor said she can\'t take all the infection or lesion? because it would cause coma or even death since the lesion grow in his brain itself.

We are looking for answers to how and what can happen should he undergo surgery and if he won\'t and if there are other alternative treatment without having to open up his brain.

I hope you will be of help. Thank you very much!
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replied December 8th, 2009
It sounds a bit like Tuberous Sclerosis. Please do a search and discuss it with a Neurologist.
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