I was diagnosed with EBV in December, and I have yet to recover (now June 11). I post this because it has gotten to the point where I need to give up daily activities (driving, etc), as I feel so terrible. I'm an 18 year old male D1 cross country runner (so, haven't trained since December). I constantly feel exhausted, weak, dizzy, and lightheaded. I've also had an unbearable burning sensation in my neck/ shoulder area (right in between shoulder/ neck) and a "brain fog," so to speak (I don't feel as sharp as I used to). Along with this, I've noticed that small, seemingly trivial cuts or bruises that might've taken a few days to heal in the past now don't heal for weeks. Does anyone have any ideas at to what this could be? I really am desperate, as I've been to the doctor multiple times and am not really able to be referred to a specialist, nor would I know what kind of specialist to see. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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replied June 18th, 2015

Mono really hits your body and especially your immune system very hard. This would likely explain why its taking so long for cuts and sores to heal up properly.

Ive been sick since around September last year, but in the last few months I've felt my condition has significantly improved (not over yet though).

My advice to you, based on my experience:
1. Doctors can only help you if they listen to you and do enough tests to exclude anything else serious (this will likely calm you down). Be prepared for most doctors to be ignorant and unhelpful though. If so, just move on to the next doctor, without stressing too much.

2. Take it easy. Mono can be a horrible experience and (as youve probably noticed) at times it can really feel hopeless. It isnt, there's light on the other side, just stay strong.

3. Supplements. ANYTHING that can strengthen your immune system is a MUST. What seems to have worked for me:
- High doses of vitamin C (should be lyposomal as your body can absorb more of it). Around 7-8 grams a day should be good.
- Anti-viral stuff like Olive leaf extract, Coconut oil, Wild Oregano oil, etc.
- Vitamin B is also very good.
- Stuff like Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake (mushroom extracts for the immune system).

4. Sleep & meditate whenever you can.

5. People around you. Embrace those who are willing to be helpful and supportive. Avoid those who are negative and unhelpful.
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