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Lemon juice for ear problems ?

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Monday is when my journey started. Used some debrox ear wax removal stuff in bth ears. Worked fo my left side,but right side felt very full and eventually by tuesday i was having pain when i chewed and swallowed,etc in right ear. Was going to go to the doctor the next day for it. Instead however I looked up natural remedys for ear infections/ear aches. Found the lemon juice one,how the acid in the juice balances the ph levels of the ear. Eliminates bacteria,etc. So I used it tuesday night and my ears felt funny,but next day wednesday my ears will still feeling weird and stuff but there was no pain anymore,i have been still using the lemon juice on them in morning and night,and i did today at 11am,and still hours later I am having tingling,and weird feelings in mostly my right ear,so I dont know whats going on. Not sure if they are still in the process of healing or something,and actually right now the right one is hurting a very small bit. I did it right,I have been using fresh lemon juice,I just dont know about these weird symptoms. If they are from the healing process or a setback..or what..

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