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Leg pain & swelling from the knee to the toe.

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Leg Pain-It began in nov 2010 with a right knee injury. Tilted patella I
& joint infusion. I went to hydro therapy. It got a little better for a couple of weeks then it began to really swell. The right ankle was also very swollen. so I went back to the dr & he drained a ridiculous amount of bloody fluid. He followed up with a steroid injection. He wrapped the ankle & knee, this gave me much relief. It was better for a couple of weeks & would be manageable on & off. Then in August 2011 we flew to South Padre for vacation & as soon as we gout there my right leg & ankle swelled & I could barely walk. The pain was huge. I was unable to do anything the entire week we were there. I went to my dr when I returned home. I tried to drain the knee without success. As I was getting ready to leave he asked if I had been on a plane recently. I told him I had. He ordered an ultrasound of the left leg for a blood clot. It was negative. Now both of my legs & ankles are so swollen I can hardly wear my pants or shoes. It is also very painful. It's a burning pain that goes down the back side of the calf and it also hurts in the front outside area like an extremely bad shin split, the pain went down into the bone. In August I was laid off my job & lost my health INS. I just applied for a plan & I'm waiting on it to be approved. It could take 2 more weeks to be approved. In the mean time I can barely walk. Any idea as to what I have?
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