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leg pain and pins and needles

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I keep getting pins and needles in different parts of my left leg, at the same time the pain in my leg is very sore. All the way from the top of my leg my thigh and then the bottom of my leg and across the top of my foot, please help as paracetemol is not helping and i have stomach ulcers so can not take ibroprofen etc. it is very hard to find a comfy way to sleep hot water bottles don't help
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replied March 24th, 2011
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these symptoms are signs of pressure on the spinal nerves. some people call it sciatica. it is best to go to a spinal surgeon to have it evaluated. in the mean time no lifting and avoid sitting for long periods of time. it might be a disc problem or some problem with a vertebrae. the doc will most likely do an mri. he will also test your reflexes and your neurological symptoms. hopefully its not too serious and he will prescribe physical therapy....good luck.....pete
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replied May 5th, 2011
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If you are going to use heat which is good for muscles spasams I would follow that up with ice. Put the ice pack on the back where the problem is coming from. AS Pete said, go see an Orthopedic doctor or try going to the Chiropractor. Also, have them check your hips for alighnment. Some people are born with one leg shorter than the other so make sure they xray your hips. If you do have one leg shorter than the other, you will need to wear a heel lift in one shoe. Keep us posted as Pete and I have lots of expeirence with back issues and can give you some good advice as far as what has helped us. I needed a spinal fusion but insurance would not cover it and Im glad they refused because I no longer suffer from back pain and I have a ruptured disc and a herniated disc. I have my life back!
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