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leg pain after lumbar fusion

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3 months ago i had l5 s1 lumbar fusion. suddenly i am having pain deep in the right buttock that goes around to the front where the leg joins the groin. also am having pain in the hamstring as well as the calf on that side. I am not on any meds. I just had my 3month post op xrays and check up 3 days ago and every thing was fine. This is frightening and discouraging as I experienced excruciating leg pain prior to surgery that nearly drove me to . Please advise
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replied September 27th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
You need to call your spine surgeon and tell him/her about the pain you are having.

There could be many reasons causing the pain you are feeling?

Have you started PT yet?

It could be that your muscles are weak and at this point, you need to strengthen your core muscles through a physical therapy program.

If your muscles are weak, you are straining other muscles in your body and they are now becoming inflamed and causing your pain. Weak cores and cause hamstring pain and calf pain as well.
So can problems with your feet that can result from the changes in how you walk and move after having spine surgery.

Please call your spine surgeon as soon as you can, explain about the pain and you want to see him/her about it ASAP.

Good luck

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