A couple of weeks ago i had a really big hard stool, which was really hard to pass. When i did there was a little blood, an for a week after it was still difficult to go to the toilet until i went to the doctors and they gave me Laxido. I also felt a little burning after i had a pee, but that only lasted a day. This is week later and i have been having pain in my left groin about where my ovary is and pain down my leg constantly. The groin pain comes and goes.. But the leg pain is constant, especially at the top front of my thigh, a kind of burning pain. Im a little constipated again also. Went to docs again an they were puzzled, said it could be an ovarian cyst but werent sure. Sending me for a scan in a few weeks. But i cant wait that long. The pain is constant and its affecting my day to day life. Keep worrying its serious. Help! Should i go to a
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replied September 21st, 2013
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If you feel the pain is significant enough to go the hospital then it should be done of coarse.

Ovarian cysts do have a lot of relevant complications assuming this is the case. However, if you feel you could bear through the pain a tylenol + advil combo might work. Or perhaps just going back to your doctor to see if can give a more potent painkiller + something for inflammation until you get your scan.

The choice is up to you.

Best of luck.
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