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Leg giving way.

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When I walk normally, sometimes I feel pain in my left leg, below and to the left of my knee cap. Occasionally, my leg gives way and is unable to bear weight and I get a sharp pain in the same place, afterwards,I have a slight ache for a while.

I am 15, physically fit and I don't believe that I have weak legs.

Anyone know what is wrong, if it persists I may go to my gp.
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replied February 28th, 2011
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Hi jameswinward and welcome to ehealth: Sounds like you may have a trick knee...Sometimes when you are growing these happen...It's like something goes out of place and can't find its way back in...Our son picked up a knee brace at the drugstore when he had this problem...It did help him...If it continues you may want to see your doctor...Take care...

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