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Leg bruising and cramping during pregnancy

My wife is in her 9th month of her second pregnancy...she has been suffering from cramps that literally debilitate her...some of them have her bent over and stopping what she's doing because it hurts so far no doctors have shown much concern, but I've done research online and everyone says that mild cramping is normal, but not to this degree...secondly, during her first pregnancy my wife would have terrible leg cramps that had her in tears and would leave big bruises on her legs when they were far she hasn't had the leg cramping during this pregnancy, but she was complaining about her legs being sore so I massaged them and this led to us having sex...she was sitting on me on the couch with her legs curled underneath her and afterward we discovered a light bruise on her outer thigh and a nasty dark bruise on her calf...the bruises don't hurt and she has no idea where they came from and they weren't there before the massage and sex...what could we have done to cause bruising like this? do women usually bruise easier during pregnancy? and also is there something she can eat or drink or some activity she could do to lessen the abdominal cramps? thanks...
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replied November 25th, 2009
there is alot about 50 % more blood flow in a womans body during pregnancy. i know for me i am 32 weeks and as i am in the shower i find my thighs are black and blue!! its insaine. i would check with the doctor, i will be. but i think its just all the blood flow and we bruise easier from it Smile
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