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Leg and arm numbness and Twitching

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I am hoping you can provide a response on the symptoms I've been having. I will try to lay out everything as clearly as possible in somewhat chronological order. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated:

1. Generally, over the past year or so I have noticed that my arms fall asleep regularly at night. This seems to be regardless of the position I'm laying in. For instance, I will be laying straight on my back, but I will still wake up with one or both arms asleep. Sometimes it seems to be much more pronounced along the pinky finger, and other times the pointer finger. Other times it is more generalized. Usually I can just shake it off and go back to sleep. I saw a neurologist for this earlier this year. He suggested carpal tunnel and gave me some wrist guards. They might help a little, but the arms still fall asleep on a nightly basis. I have noticed this is intensified when I drink alcohol the previous night. I have often also slept on my stomach with my head facing to one side or the other, so I am not sure if this could contribute. I have been trying to sleep on my back or side for the past several months.

2. About 2 weeks ago I noticed a twitch in my arm while at work. I may want to mention that I work in an office and sit at a computer for about 7 hours a day. The twitch was just above my right forearm, on the opposite side of my elbow. I noticed this on a Thursday, and the twitch continued through the following Sunday (so about 3 days). It was not painful, but more of an odd sensation, and I could see the muscle twitching.

Since then I have begun to notice other twitches. Mostly I feel them at night or when I am laying down. Today I was laying down reading, and noticed several twitches, such as on my knee and the muscles on the left side of my back. Then my bicep began to twitch when I held my arm above my head. It is clearly visible to the eye and it is totally involuntary. However, when I flex the bicep the twitching will stop. Once I un-flex the muscle, it begins twitching again. This has been going on for the past hour or so.

3. About a week and a half ago, while laying down watching TV at night, my left leg took on a numbing sensation, as though it was going to fall asleep. This was from the knee down to the foot. It was not totally asleep, but I felt the urge to move the leg to prevent it from falling asleep. I became worried about it, and when I eventually went to bed, I woke up with the leg completely asleep. I was able to shake it off, but I had trouble sleeping the rest of the night and slept only about 3 hours due to the continued numbness.

I went to the doctor the next day, complained about the numbness (which persisted into the next day) and advised that my arms were still falling asleep. After the discussion and a few simple tests (knee reflex, following the doc's finger with my eye, etc.), the doctor referred me back to the Neurologist, and we have scheduled an MRI of the Brain, to check for anything like lesions, due to MS.

The appointments are not for a couple of weeks. Because of the wait time, I have become extremely anxious. The original numb leg (left) continues to be mildly numb throughout the day, and the other leg (right) also is a bit numb throughout the day. This is not so much noticeable when I am walking or moving, but more so when I am sitting or laying down. I have noticed numbness in my right hand during the day as well. This is something that had been previously notable only at night.

I have also continued to have numbness in the legs and hands/arms at night. I have been sleeping better, but I am awakened frequently, shake them off, and then get back to sleep.

Unfortunately, one of the more upsetting symptoms I have developed is that I am feeling a strange numbness in my head. This is mostly on the sides by the temple, and also a bit further back, just above the ears. It is subtle but noticeable, and I'm not sure if my anxieties are causing this. Yesterday I was very anxious, and could not sit still. I walked around town like a madman not knowing what to do, because I didn't want to sit still and have to deal with the numbness. Today I felt better, but the numbness persists, along with the mentioned twitching of the bicep and other areas.

4. One more thing that I should mention: In May, I went to the Dominican Republic and ended up passing out after a long day in the sun. I fell on my face, got some stitches, etc. This was not a completely sudden passing out, because I gradually felt odd and then finally fell. I was walking and the sides of my head started feeling tingly, and when I tried to lay down I fell instead. I was out for a few minutes or so. There was some confusion as to if this may have been heart related. This seemed odd, because I have always been extremely active and I am in very good physical shape (I am 27 years old). I ended up getting a full heart work-up done. I had a stress test, ECHO and also went for a consultation with an Electrophysiologist. He advised that he believed further tests were not necessary, since the other tests checked out fine. There was an occasional beat skip on the stress test, but the doctor advised this was normal in some people and not a cause for concern. Eventually the event was passed off as a Vaso-vagel episode. I had one other episode shortly after the first, but did not completely pass out.

Although I have a RBBB, this was deemed as most likely not related, and I am able to confirm that the RBBB has been present since 2001.

5. I have begun to feel some slight discomfort in my back the last 2 days or so. While I was sleeping I felt some minor pain in my back last night. The pain seems to be localized a few vertebrae up from the middle of my spine. No lower back pain is present. Again, the pain is very slight, and more of a discomfort.

6. Some information about me. I am 5’11” and about 176 pounds. I have a lean body tone. I lift weights regularly. Some activities I have been engaging in more often recently (this summer) are running, tennis and swimming. Normally I will run about 2 miles on a tread mill. I have been swimming the breaststroke and also was trying to learn to swim better with my head in the water. I only swam about 5 times this summer, and usually not for longer than about 30 minutes of nearly continuous laps (small breaks in between). This is a very new activity, as is tennis. In trying to understand what is going on, I have stopped swimming for now, in case the breaststroke may have contributed to any compression of my spine, etc. However, I never felt any specific pain when running, swimming, playing tennis or lifting weights. I don’t recall any movements I made which made me think I may have injured anything.

I generally drink alcohol on the weekends. Sometimes I drink too much for one or two nights straight. Sometimes I will drink too much, to the point where I don’t remember the latter part of certain nights. I have attempted to keep this under control and have drank much more moderately recently, and have specifically not drank any alcohol for the last two weeks, since the onset of initial problem with my leg being numb. However, I have never been dependent on alcohol and always would drink only a couple of days out of the week.

I was wondering if you can try to make any sense of this to clear my head until these appointments. I am going to try to bump them up sooner tomorrow, but am not sure how successful that will be. Right now, my main concerns are the numbness, twitches and general anxiety I am feeling about these symptoms. It just doesn’t seem good at all.

Please help!

Many thanks,

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First Helper Alienator1982

replied October 14th, 2009
me too
I have very similar symptoms after going to the dominican republic in febuary. I have a low grade fever for months, numbness, weakness, limbs falling asleep easily. I have had a bunch of tests done....still don't know what it is.
let me know if you find anything out
have them test you for malaria.
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replied November 20th, 2009
Have just read your post. I have had similar symptoms for 3 years and was wrongly diagnosed with MS two years ago. It is now belived to be a blood disorder called Hughes Syndrome. I would be very intersted if you had any news and how you got on. I am due to start new med on Tuesday. My symptoms tend to flare up and them get better.

I really hope that you feel better soon.

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replied January 15th, 2010
Where is an answer to this post??????
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replied April 5th, 2011
I'm on the same boat
Have there been and resolutions to your issues? i know it's bee a while since this was last posted, but I have read what you put up and realized that I am suffering from EXTREMELY similar symptoms. outside of going to the dominican republic and having RBBB, i have had the same issues in the same places....numbness in head, arms, tingling sensations, etc. really you have described my symptoms to a 'T'. My father has MS and I have been exceptionally worried that I am also developing it and that these are the early signs. I've had extensive anxiety due to these symptoms and my mind convincing myself that I am getting MS.

a couple of things to note, my twitching started and continues mostly in my left calf, though i have had it in the arm as well. i also get twitching occasionally throughout other parts of the body, but the left-inner calf has been the area most effected. it mostly happens when sitting, relaxing at night, or laying down for bed. Also seems to be heightened in anxious times.

lately, numbness and tension in my left arm and hand has been a bigger concern for me. I have lots of knots/trigger points in my mid-upper back, and across the top of my left shoulder. I am trying to convince myself that the arm issues I am having are due to this back/neck/shoulder tension, but the anxiety causes my mind to always fall back on the worst-case scenario (in my mind at least): MS.

My GP does not believe I have MS and has not issued me a referral to a Neurologist. I am awaiting the results of further blood tests, as the first round of testing ruled out, amongst other things, thyroid imbalances and potassium deficiencies.

I have spoken with a therapist for the last few weeks. It seems to help with some of the anxious, emotional symptoms, but not really with the physical manifestations - twitching, soreness, numbness, tension, etc.

I should note that most all fo these symptoms, including the anxiety itself, came after an episode about 2 months ago in which I went about 5 days with extremem tension-like headaches, causing numbness in teh back of my head, around the ears, and into the scalp and neck. I also lost focus at work, and was having a hard time in conversations and social situations because i was so preoccupied with the headaches and numbness. This is when I immediately started to think I was getting MS, and started to work backwards from there. Even though I can now see that this is all likely due to anxiety, I cannot seem to relax, and I struggle daily to rid my mind of the thoughts of worst-case scenarios, not just with health, but with life in general - career, relationship, etc.

Anyway, long story short, others are out there dealing with the symptoms you are dealing with, so hopefully you are able to take some solace in that. It would be nice to hear if you, or anyone has found any solutions or developments with relation to your symptoms.

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replied November 20th, 2011
Exactly same symptoms
Hi Alienator1982, fitchpuckman,

I have exactly same symptoms. Legs and arm numbness and muscle twitching for last 9-10 months. The numbness is prominent during sleep especially after few hours into sleep. Numbness is usally more in the pinky and ring fingers of both hands but it keeps changing and at times, I have numbness in other fingers too. Last few months, there has been numbness in the legs as well and I feel weekness in the bottom of my feet even during the day time. During the day, I feel little pain behind my eye.

I am 34 years old male, software engineer for last 13 years, works on computer for 8-9 hours daily and have had on and off backpains which usually go away after few days of back exercises.

The physician told me to take Vitamin B12 supplements as I am a vegetarian. I took Neurobian Forte (B1, B6, B12) (15mcg cynnocobalamin) but those did not have any effect even after couple of months. I visited neurologist and the blood tests showed I was deficient in B12 and Vitamin D3. He advised 10 Tri neurosol injections (1ml hydroxycobalamin). on alternate days and Calcirol (Vitamin D) The blood tests after couple of weeks showed very high B12 (4500 while the range is 230-900) may be due to the injections but that did not help much. I tried taking strong (1500 mcg) doses Methyl cobalamin for couple of days but I could not sleep after taking that.

Other tests (Thyroid, Sugar, Nerve conduction test) were normal. My blood pressure is also normal(80/110) although sometimes it has come to be low (60/100).

I also felt low initially but after some meditation, the emotional symptoms are gone but numbness at night remains. The muscle twitching is very irregular. Because of the numbness I am not able to take sound sleep for last few months now.

Can you guys please tell me if you had found a solution to your problem?
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replied March 14th, 2012
I had alot of same problems, but ended up with emergency surgery for damaged spinal cord that occured over time just from normal life. Now I just need to live with it and Im only 44 but it got so bad before that at least im out of wheelchair. Good luck, there is always someone else worse off. think positive.
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replied August 3rd, 2013
I am having exactly the same symptom but slightly different. for me it is only on the left hand left leg and heft side of the head
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replied August 3rd, 2013
I am having exactly the same symptom but slightly different. for me it is only on the left hand left leg and heft side of the head
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replied August 19th, 2013
I have pretty much similar symptom.

The numbness get very bad at night until one day i couldn't even move the leg for almost 15 mins even after i woke up.
It felt as if the blood is not flowing through.

I was so scared and I went around to get the blood flow solution. I found this Cu and Magnetic thing that help and I have been using this "Phiten" for months. It removes the frequent occurences of numbness. It does not remove the occurrences completely but it felt much better to have a better sleep, i.e, rather than waking up every night for the numbness, i probably wake up once / twice every two months now. I believed in this so much until I have necklace, bracelet, band, chains around my neck, hands and legs now.

Having said that, the back pain and pain in arm and leg still occurs occasionaly. It almost feels like the pain is inside the bone. if someone has found a root cause to this or a real solution that remove the numbness or pain, please share with me.

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replied September 7th, 2013
Hi guys, my dad had some of the symptoms that you guys described above, and after a lot of tests, we found that he had "cervical spondylosis myelopathy."
I think you should see your doctor immediately because him putting it off for a long time has seen it progress substantially. The doctor that did the operation for him is from the orthopedic and trauma unit.
If it's not CSM, then consider ASL/PSL, and for these two diseases, you need to see a neurological doctor and did an EMG test to test for any muscular disorders.
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replied February 6th, 2014
I have had similar symptoms... My right had goes numb at least 2 to 3 times a week. my pointer finger goes completely white. I also have twitching in my face and my sides and legs. my Legs fall asleep quite often and especially at night.
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