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Left testicular ache

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Im 22 years old. My left testicle is hurting. Its not what i would consider a pain its more of a constant ache.It doesn't hurt really when im laying down. If im sitting in certain ways it aches more, also if im up walking around it begins to increase in the ache. Also sometimes when it aches, it aches down the inside of my leg and down to just above my ankle. I have had this pain now about a week and a half almost 2 weeks. I switched from boxers to briefs after the pain went on for about a week and it helped a little but but not a great deal.

I do heavy lifting, i am not sexually active. I went to go see a Dr and he did not feel any lumps and he ordered an ultrasound and it came back showing that there was indeed nothing as far as lumps are concerned.

I am going to go see a urologist Thursday. What could this be. On a side not last year i hurt my back and the sciatic nerve on my left side as hurt ever sense and the DR never fully treated me.

Also I have minor high blood pressure treated through diet do to being overweight (both are down, ive lost roughly 70 pounds and am about 6'0 255). I don't know if these have any baring on that or not. Any ideas on what this could be?
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