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Left Testical / Left Inguinal pain

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I am a 21 year old male and I have been experiencing intense, unbearable left testicular and left inguinal pain for about 4 months now. I decided to go to the emergency room when the pain began to make me vomit and become nauseated. The doctor performed a physical exam and ordered a sonogram of my testicals and scrotal septum. The sonogram showed that I had 2 hydroceles on my left testical and the doctor said I may have epididimitis. He prescribed me doxycycline and vicodin for a poss. infection and pain.

I went to a urologist for a follow up. He claimed I had a ureter infection. Urine test came back negative for infection.

I went to another urologist. He claimed the pain could be a result of trauma, testicular cancer, or neuropathy. He examined the sonogram further, as the first urologist had not looked into it at all. He ruled out cancer and trauma.

I went to the emergency room again, as directed by the 2nd urologist, as he guaranteed that my case is not genitourinary. The 2nd emergency room doctor told me that I have and inguinal hernia and scheduled me for an appointment with the general surgeon.

The general surgeon, as well as his physician's assistant performed a physical exam and possitively stated that I did not have an inguinal hernia.

I scheduled an appointment with my family medicine doctor, who prescibed my vicodin again and told me that he was setting me up with another general surgeon for a second opinion.

The 2nd general surgeon agreed with the first, saying I do not have a hernia. He said that my condition may be a result of lumbar spine disease.

Is there someone else out there who is dealing with this? Every doctor I see does not seem to want to figure out what is going on, or even want to listen to what I'm going through. It is getting so frustrating.
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replied May 23rd, 2010
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see a surgeon who specializes in spine. the is a nerve root from the spine to the testicle....he may do mri to check it out.....pete
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replied March 2nd, 2013
inguinal hernia
my husband is going through the exact same thing. he was treated for epidytimitis and then for urinary tract infection and then was told he has fluid in his peritoneum and that it is pressing on the nerves and will go away on its own.
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replied February 17th, 2014
Not sure if this inguinal problem still bothering you?
Not sure if this condition is still bothering you?

I too have a problem like this. Had it in 2002 and in 2014 the pain is getting so bad that even my Fentanyl and Morphine (Back) pills don't even dent the pain in left groin and left testicle.

I've also had a Screen placed behind my bellybutton for hernia. They diagnose my problem as inguinal calcification which leads me to believe that the horrible neuropathy leg pain 24/7 may also be caused from other veins that have since calcified. Who knows?

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