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Left side pain near underarm

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I have been having this pain on the left side of my body. Its not a bad pain its more like a sore feeling. I havent had fever, or problem using the restroom. Its just a constant sore feeling pain. I went to the doctors to make sure it wasnt a kidney infection and it was not. What else can it be? I have been told that maybe i have pulled a muscle but it dont feel like a muscle, it feels like the organ inside or something.
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First Helper pishespe

replied October 5th, 2011
i have pain in left side underarm and this pain travels through my shoulder and gibve me pain under my arm so please why is that and whats the treatment??
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replied June 22nd, 2012
Chest pain on the left side should not be ignored.
Stumbled upon this forum researching GERD oddly enough. Since there is a post from 2009 and 2011 both readily available from Google's search engine I will provide a quick answer to future people with the same question that insist on searching for an answer first. Be aware that LEFT SIDE CHEST PAIN IS THE PRIMARY SYMPTOM OF HEART ATTACK. This is addressed below and if you reach that point in the questions do NOT ignore this and call 911. Even if you end up having something else... there is really no such thing as "safe chest pains". A doctor's help is needed in virtually every case!

This guide is for left side pain, tightness, tingling, etc. in your chest. If this is not present this will not help you. Call a doctor or do other research. If you do have this left-side chest pain, go to [2].

Do you feel/have any these symptoms: dizzy, nausea, vomiting, sweating (more than usual for current state). (Vomiting or excessive sweating alone should not be ignored. Dizziness is not a complete indicator but can be one of the symptoms)
You are VERY LIKELY having a heart attack. Don't panic, pick up the phone, dial 911. No one will make fun of you for doing this or pass judgement on you. If you are truly having a heart attack and it becomes sever you may die.
Go to part [3].

Does the pain radiate through your left arm and/or shoulder? Does your jaw feel stiff or sore?
(YES w/ jaw)
Either "Angina" or a "Heart Attack" but it is hard to tell using the internet. If your condition worsens to include other symptoms make sure you call 911. Otherwise you should get some professional medical advice in the very near future. (<24 hours) USE CAUTION AS A HEART ATTACK MAY HAVE A SLOW ONSET.
Use caution for other symptoms. Go to next steps in order and call an ambulance if the step indicates it necessary:

[4] Do you have Fibromyalgia? If so you could have
Costochondritis which usually is associated with a sharp pain. Call your doctor and describe your symptoms.

[5] Irritable Bowel Syndrome? GERD? Heartburn can give you symptoms similar to a heart attack in some cases. However if you do not have a history of heartburn it is very unlikely you will suddenly get symptoms from this... Since you cannot possibly self diagnosis this fully by this step, make the call to save your life or at LEAST tell someone around you of your symptoms.

[6] So many other possible things can cause chest pain. If you really need to know when to call an ambulance, chances are you were "on the border" and thought you should Google it to make sure. Feel your pulse on your neck and ensure your symptoms do not worsen. Call an ambulance if you need medical attention but do NOT drive to the hospital as you could collapse if it is a heart attack.


You just read many steps because your freaking out. Stop that and look at your symptoms. At the end of the day no-one but yourself can be the judge to whether your symptoms are severe but if you see these facts and believe there is a chance of a heart attack... STOP ACTING LIKE AN IDIOT AND CALL AN AMBULANCE SO YOU DO NOT DIE. CHEW AN ASPIRIN IF REALLY CLOSE BY BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY CALL 911. YOU PAY TAXES FOR THIS... NOW IT IS TIME TO USE THAT SERVICE.

BTW: Googling chest pain for 30 minutes with continued pain will not find you another option that is not a heart attack. If you have continued pain stop and see above.

Oh and don't forget to bring a towel.
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replied December 24th, 2015
Left side pain - beneath the arm.
I have left side pain as well, and nothing that I can find online matches it. The easiest way to describe is that if I lay on the right side, my bed feels nice and soft. If I lay on my left side, my bed feels hard as the floor. It's not a sharp pain, it's dull, it starts about 4" below my underarm and goes to the bottom of the ribs. It can be non-existent to moderate when up and standing, and hurts every nite when I sleep if I roll over onto the left side. It does not feel as though it is muscle related. I do have GERD, but it doesn't match GERD symptoms. I do have IBS, and have had lower left quad pain in the back by that, but that was resolved when it turned out it was caused by the Vitamin D they had me on for low Vitamin D. No pain from that now for over 4 months, yet this upper side pain continues. I do have a hiatal hernia, but that's not in the same place, and I recently had an EGD done (the pain had already started before that), and they found nothing but the hernia and GERD issues, both of which are mild.
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replied December 29th, 2015
Has anyone got any ideas what this could be?
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