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Ive experienced left side pain off and on for several years now which is made worse by eating. It completely debilitates me as when the pain comes on it causes me to curl up in a ball to make it any better. Had laparoscopy done by gyne showed nothing. The past 3 weeks have had constant diahrrhea 5-10 times daily, constnt heartburn, sudden onsets of vomitting and fatigue, i also found my right superclavicular lymph node is swollen and I have been getting frequent bad headaches the type that hurts more with movement. My doctor keeps telling me I have a virus and my body just needs time to get over it. Im sick of being sick!!! Can anyone please give me some ideas as to what this could be as Im sure its not a virus after 3 weeks.
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replied May 1st, 2009
it could be a kidney related problem. check with a urinologist
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replied May 2nd, 2009
i would try to get a second opinion. what doesnt he mean you have a virus? do you get sick often?
Modium AD works good for diarrhea.
pepto works well when your nauseous
Antiacid tables is good for heartburn
imetrex is good for migraines
since your doctor is clueless of what's going on with you can he atleast give you Tylenol 3 for pain
don't feel bad i have issues and i take multiple medication.
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replied November 27th, 2009
Another lady posted the same thing on another page - she has a fatty liver which is common, but there are several other possible scenarious - could be pancreas problems or any other number of things. Does not sound like a virus at all. Get a different doctor and get testing done.
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