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Left side chest pain / deep breath pain

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I remember getting this on and off every now and then, but today and tonight its been going on for hours. Feels like muscle pain or something, when I breathe in deep in certain positions i can feel pressure or pain under my left pectoral. I dont know if its really in my heat or not, its just in that area, also in my left upper back and kind of down my side. It really worries me, but i just got up to get a glass of water, took a deep breath standing up and i didnt feel barley anything. you should know that I sleep on my left side, sit hunched over to the left alot, and when im laying on a couch i usually lay on my left side... Im sure that all this can contribute. Ive also been feeling like maybe im not getting enough air, kind of like i need to take a deep breath all the time. Maybe taking all these abnormal unnecessary deep breaths has just irritated muscles or something like that. I find when im out with friends, or my mind is occupied im fine, i barley feel anything. I can breathe normal and feel just fine.. but when Im sitting around being lazy and thinking about it, it just gets worse. im sure ive just answered all my own questions but advise is greatly appreciated. Ive been dealing with a lot of health problems (most of them just anxiety) latley. It sucks.
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replied May 5th, 2011
Stress can do odd things to your body. Short of having it checked out, I suggest exercising regularly, instead of sitting around. It could be chest constriction due to stress, which will be helped by exercise, but it could be something else too. I wouldn't worry. Try exercising for a week, 30 minutes a day, and see if that relieves the pain. If not, get to your doctor and get to the bottom of it.
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