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Left shoulder, infrequent intense pain, general soreness/numb

Where to begin...well, my first bout with this shoulder pain was when I was 10-11 and I threw a pitch. Sharp pain in the shoulder, a little numbness. I was a kid, I left it alone and it was fine. Or so I thought. Whenever I used my shoulder in any moderate activity my left shoulder would always tire first and fast. Again, I was a kid I thought I had weak shoulders. Fast forward 7 years at 18, I am swimming, and when I do a stroke, same pain. Same numbness. I take the day off and my arm is back to "normal" I go to the doctor, he says "no pain today? You're fine"
Fast forward 4 years, I'm training for a boxing match, I throw a cross, what would you know, it happens again.

Basically, any overhand motion (pitching, swimming) the intense pain happens (though infrequently but still an issue)
My left shoulder is always tired and in pain after a workout while my right shoulder is fine. (This is not the normal soreness from an after workout, or else both my shoulder would be feeling the same)
My left shoulder frequent burns out, for example if I'm doing 100 punches on my right side, my left side can only produce 40-50 before burning out.
My left shoulder is also generally a little sore, even without activity, just sitting around all day I can feel it.
Another thing if note is that my left shoulder makes clicking sounds, at random positions, while my right shoulder does not.

When I went to the doctor again, an ultrasound and X-ray revealed not abnormalities, a trip to a massage therapist, I was explained that I have tight shoulders (because as explained to me, most people can touch both their hands together on their back, from overtop to bottom, while mine leaves a gap of a foot). I am getting an MRI in a week, but rather than sitting around and waiting for result I would like to find out a little more about, any help is appreciated.
Thank you very much!
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replied July 12th, 2013
Especially eHealthy

It sounds like you have some type of multiaxial shoulder instability. And, yet, you have never had a very thorough therapy program, to regain your strength and motion.

You need to be see by a very good orthopedic surgeon, shoulder specialist. While you may benefit from a surgery, it is probably more likel tp be better off in terms of requilding your stergth and motion.

Wishig you the best. Good luck./
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