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Left rib cage pain and tenderness to touch

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Got pain under your left side ribs? Is your left abdomen swollen or tender to touch? You might be dealing with a problem related to the spleen!...
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Hello. Since yesterday, I have felt discomfort that almost feels like a gas pocket under my left rib cage. It is also tender to the touch on the side and especially towards the back of the side. I have some discomfort as well where the top of my shoulder meets my neck on the same side. And last night felt a bit achy in general in my neck and shoulders.

I could feel the discomfort this morning even just walking into my work from my car, and if I breath deeply. I will note as an aside that early last week, I had swollen glands with no other symptoms that went away after a few days (I thought it might be allergies.)

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.
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