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Left nuvaring in for two months, could I be pregnant?

I accidentally left my nuvaring in for two months straight. I usually skip my periods for three months on nuvaring instead of taking it out every 3 three weeks. Usually if I leave one ring in too long, I start spotting. When I put this one in, I started spotting. Took it out for a week, finished my period, and put it back in towards the end of February. I had unprotected sex once after I put it back in, and once again about a week ago. I've had no spotting or anything. I took out ring today, waiting for period. What are the chances I could be pregnant??
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replied April 12th, 2013
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You left one ring in for 2 months without putting a new one in?

In that case, there is a real chance you could have gotten pregnant.
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