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Left leg numbness

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My left leg goes numb if I sit on the toilet longer than 5 minutes. I exercise 4-5 days a week and do not smoke and do not have high blood pressure. Could it be that my toilet is a little too low or could there be a medical condition I need to look into?
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replied December 10th, 2011
hey there chapman, while im no doctor, but i know what your experiencing,, i just got off the toilet had the same thing happen to me, your not alone! i doubt its anything serious, but if you can, try to see a doctor about it or you can call this number and talk to a nurse on the phone about it, i think its because of the toilet, hard seating and all, alot of people have that problem. im no specialist, but if your worried you can ask a nurse from nurse access thats all you need, they will tell you rather you can treat at home, go to hospital or doctor. they can also help with what you should do! take care if you want to keep in touch!
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