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left kidney atrophy

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my 7 years old son have an atrophic left kidney , after renal scan we discovered that the right kidney is normal in size and function 95% , while the left kidney is small in size and 6% functioning . the blood kidney function has shown normal results for creatinine and blood uria . the left utrer also partially dilated . we have discovered this after my son had a urinery tract infection , the microb was E-coli . he is treated completely from the infection , i need to know what is the necessary actions needed to maintain his condition and also have a normal healthy life . my son plays sports regularly mainly swimming and Tai kon do .

appreciate your help
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replied March 16th, 2011
The left kidney needs to be removed so that it will not cause secretion that causes high blood pressure which is deaedly. I had the same exact problem. I had many urinary tract infections that led to kidney reflux to hypertension. And my left kidney was only functioning 6 percent. I am 17 years old. They figured out this problem a year ago. I had UTI's when I was two. I don't understand why they couldn't figure it out early. SO the best bet is to just remove it. Does your son have kidney reflux?
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