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Left Hip, Buttocks, Groin and leg pain. Left Side. Any ideas?

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I recently started developing pain in my Left Hip, Buttock, Groin that seems to radiate down to my left side scrotum and the pain goes down my left leg to my knee and sometimes lower than that.

The work I do I walk all day and get in and out of a vehicle. It seems to get worse the more I move, but the buttocks, groin and scrotum pain seems to just always linger.

This is just really bugging me and it's just getting old. A guy at work said it sounds like my hip is wearing out. I have no idea. Has any one else ever experienced these symptoms?
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replied October 5th, 2011
Hello JeffMitchell,

It could be many things, but it sounds like it could be sacroiliac pain. Suggest you get checked out by your doctor or a physiotherapist (PT) who has some orthopaedic practitioner training. This kind of pain is definitely made worse by sitting for long periods, especially in a vehicle. Your most sensible course of action is to seek a medical opinion.

Kind regards,
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