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left eye shaking

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My left eye is shaking since two weeks without loss of vision but my left
eye vision is disturbing or become poor.The shaking stays for around 5 seconds or
more.The shaking is going to be in all directions,uncontrolled and i do not know when it happens.
Please answer my question..... looking
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replied August 24th, 2009
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An involuntary rhythmic shaking or wobbling of the eye is known as nystagmus.
It could be eye related or inner ear related nystagmus.
It always affects the quality of vision.
When appears later in life, during adulthood, it must be evaluated by neurologist, since it can indicate neurologic disorders like multiple sclerosis, or more serious ones like brain tumor or head injury.
It can develop as a side effecet of certain medications, too.
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