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left arm and leg pain etc., can't express my desperation

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I cannot begin to express my desperation on this matter. It started last year and for the past few months has gotten exceedingly worse. My left arm has a constant painful throb all through it starting at the top and the same time my left leg will ache. And its constant. Caffeine makes it worse but the pain is constant. It's accompanied frequently by a bloated stomach, a constantbfeel of an air bubble in my chest, light headedness, shakiness on my left side. Only on my left. My entire left side overall feels horrible. I do not do drugs or have ever been sick other thaan asthma. Another thing thY happpens are bad heart palpitations followed directly by a pinching pain in strange areas of my chest and then coughing up clear jello like phlegm. There's not one painkiller that has helped. Every now and then after my period the symptoms will ease up. I've had thyroid tests, sugar tests, tons of blood work, cat scans, ekgs, etc. I'm begging Anyone with helpful info to share. I am desperate and can barely take it anymore. Some days I can't even get out of bed from the weakness and pain. My left eyeball even aches. I know that sounds weird but its true. Help.
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First Helper lizzy19

replied November 17th, 2012
Have you been checked for problems with your autonomic nervous system?
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