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2 Leeps and cold knife, now possible cervical cancer

I have had 2 LEEPS and a cold knife procedure. I have now been told by one doctor, who I fully trust, that I have stage one cervical cancer, but on seeing another doctor I have been told that in the reports it did not really show I have stage one cancer but only the possibility of it. I have 3 options now and will be sent to MD Anderson to see which option is my best one. I still would like to have one more child. I have two little girls now but would love to have a little boy. The options I have been giving are 1. I can do nothing and have the medical providers watch my condition and go ahead and have a pregnancy
2. I can have my entire cervix removed with the option to still have children but at much higher risk miscarriage or preterm labor of a premature viable baby or stillborn.
3. If it is really bad I just have a hysterectomy.

I am still not sure what I have and have been trapped between a 50/50 of cancer or not. I am 27 years old and I am worried about having either procedure (hysterectomy or cervical removal) will effect me phyiscally. Either way the doctors say the least evasive and best option is to just have my cervix removed. But my concerns are for the after effects of having it done. Just how had will it be to become pregnant again. When I do become pregnant again how much more difficult will it be on me and also should I be concerned about using double the birthcontrol since the cerivx will not be there to help keep out any of the sperm, since that is one of its "jobs".
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replied February 13th, 2012
I don't know what leeps are but I had two babies with no problems after having my cervix removed for non-invasive cervical cancer. (cone biopsy). I had no problems getting pregnant or carrying the babies to term. That was many years ago and those babies are grown up now. One of them has had her own baby now.
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