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LEEP Follow-up w/ severe dysplasia, Menses, Recurrence

Was your first period following LEEP procedure...
Less painful than usual
More painful than usual
One of the worst you've experienced
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I am unable to see my doctor until the day before the LEEP, and am yearning to get some idea of the follow-up typical for severe dysplasia treated with LEEP.

I did schedule an appointment with the experienced nurse practitioner on staff for the week prior to the appt, and have been organizing some questions for her- however, I'm impatient!

I have severe dysplasia; apparently limited to the exterior surface of the cervix versus the endocervical tunnel... the only biopsy sample that came up negative - not complaining. Smile

Still, they are doing general anesthesia - have an appt with an anesthesiologist prior to the procedure - reportedly due to the deepness of the dysplasia.

My period is due to arrive shortly after the procedure - perhaps two days after.

I am trying to prepare myself mentally and otherwise for that week:

It is my first week of classes: advanced physics for science majors, differential calculus, organic chemistry...
&&&& I am going to miss the first two days of class D:

I just quit my job, so I must get this LEEP done in Sept before my insurance through work is gone (I know exactly what my insurance situation is and will be from work including the COBRA premium - a considerable $404 and month; I've also looked into other insurance extensively already and was not thrilled by what I found - so, yes: I am doing this prior to the end of September!)

I am hoping to not have the worst period of my life after missing two days of class... but worry this may be in the works.

Obviously I'm reading my textbooks NOW, and contacting my instructors about the situation! Very Happy Very Happy

However, I'm very curious if having a really awful first period is more or less a universal experience with removal of severe dysplasia

I'm curious if it's more common with endocervical dysplasia removal, versus dysplasia removed from the external surface.

I understand this is case by case basis and little generalization is possible with a small sample, but I'm curious what experiences you ladies have had with recommended frequency of followup pap smears, if followup colposcopies had to be performed within the two years following, and if you experienced recurrent dysplasia.

I will of course ask the NP AND Dr. about typical followup in cases of severe dysplasia.
But what have *your* experiences been with followup and recurrence?
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replied September 19th, 2010
To note, I have read in medical literature that recurrence is approximately 10% regardless of how aggressively dysplasia is treated and the extent of the abnormality when treated, but the timeframe of recurrence was not referenced in what I read. I'm wondering if this rings true, or if the information I read was not properly reported.
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