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Leave of absence to improve stress ?

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Looking for some opinions and thoughts , small history of myself. Mad

Over the past few years I have been put in a position of feeling stressed out over the following conditions (diabetes , over weight , back problems , sleep problems , possible heart problems, gall bladder which is fixed now , stress of not being there for my kids or wife , and major stress at work.

I myself am at the breaking point or a nervous breakdown as to what to do or fix this problem safely, how does one lose weight to fix multi health issues with back proplems and heart problems, with the fear of making my health worse or how do you feel like crap everyday work at a very stressful job (which probably isnt helping my health)at try to make sure you are a part of your families lives.

I can say i'm not depressed but highly sressed (is there a difference) , I have a good support group , sometimes they ( my family) help out greatly. I have a plan that MAY work but not sure if it will just backfire on me , the plan is to go on a leave of abscense from work ( not sure if can do it for stress, can you , in NY state) , go on a good diet , lose weight get in shape , improve my health and fix a relationship with my family , Bad side is will my employeer allow this and keep my job?

PS: Not taking any meds for this at all currently , was taking an anxiety med (not usre the name , but only for a month) and made me crazy tired.

Any thoughts?? Rolling Eyes
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