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Leaky gut? Nerves damaged? Help please..

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Hey guys.. I've had this for over 2 years now and it's made me fail school completely. I'm 3 years~ behind now and it's not because I'm bad at school work, but because of my stupid stomach.

It all started with me sitting in class and suddenly the teacher that was recently next to me say "Who is farting all the time?" and what caught my attention was "all the time" because I didn't smell anything ever. So from there I got messed up in my head and when time went on I thought I was simply going mentally insane because every doctor I asked just looked at me like I was an idiot. But.. It isn't, now I can feel something leaking out of my anus. Imagine you're outside when it's super warm and start sweating in the anus area. It feels for me like something gets very swollen and some liquid leaks out. The best way to explain it, is if there is like a very wet worm rotate outside and inside in the anus quickly then the feeling just goes away, but comes away 3-6 seconds after. This is getting severe and the doctors are clueless, those damn useless ****** refuse to help me.

Could this be cancer? Something with my nerves? I've read so much about my symptoms I don't know what to think anymore, all I know is that the doctors cant and wont help me. I've contacted like 8 different doctors and they all say the same.. They just think I'm dry down there.. like what? I've asked for a referral to a specialized doctor or whatever you call them but they refuse because they think im sick in my head..

I dont know what to do anymore because nobody is able to help me.. I tried to suicide when this started but I stopped because I knew there was still hope but now it really is hopeless, i'm failing everything because of this.. I know my personality has changed because before I was a good boy taking care of school family everything. But now I just dont care about anything anymore, I've also changed friends and well, life is going in the wrong direction. My dream is to become a computer engineer, I'm very good in school but this is ruining everything and I don't have much time left.. I need to fix it NOW or it's too late because im 18!

Also, forgot to mention, it gets worse if I'm sweating and/or is warm in the anus area.. it's almost nonstop then. When I go to the toilet to check if it's any liquid leaking out it's completely dry on the paper, or just tiny bit of poop.. so what is going on?

anyone that can help me? sorry for grammar issues i just wanna get this over with and get help with what to do..
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