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Leaking nipples - depo injection side effect?

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Hey, I am 16 and had the depo injection about a month ago, along with a pregnancy test to ensure I wasn't pregnant before having it, which I wasn't. I then waited a week before having unprotected sex with my partner to make sure I wouldn't become pregnant. But this morning I have noticed a clear liquid leaking from my nipples, only a very small amount though. The only time this has ever happened to me before is around one year ago after I had a termination after falling pregnant. Is this just from the same time or is it possible that I could be pregnant again? Or is a side effect of my injection? Please help!
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replied November 25th, 2009
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It is most likely caused by the Depo shot. Some women do report leaky breasts while taking Depo.
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replied July 11th, 2011
Am I pregnant
Hi im due my second depo shot in a fuw weeks but Ive noticed that ive put on weight, my breasts have gotten bigger an have just started leaking milk could I be pregnant? (I also have high blood pressure for which I take a number of meds for)
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