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Lately mentally and physically exhausted

So very briefly I will mention I'm male and in my 20's have never been on medication nor do I do drugs but in a years span I've notice some changes. I've been feeling both mentally and physically exhausted.
I have gone through many blood tests, physical tests, cardio...even xrays for muscle weakness. I've been feeling pressure on my chest but my cholesterol, BMI checked out fine. I noticed an unusual behavior shift in me and that is I can't seem to enjoy the thing I used to like to do and just let the day go to waste leaving me feeling overwhelmed and irritable. I also noticed foods have no real tastes anymore. also some lower back pain and digestive problems, aches and joint pain even with rest. doctors haven't been able to find anything!

and when I push myself to do something/anything I end up with a headache like my brain is out of gas. It wasn't until these symptoms cost me my employment where I realized I needed to take action

I have even started to have problems sleeping.I was thinking this could very well be parasites but I did the stool sample test before. thought maybe I need to do a more detailed one?

I just feel trapped/numb/dead...overall feeling of empty inside which is annoying me and I just want to "go away" for a while. It's hard to describe. : /
Ive been posting this in other health forums to find more opinions and solutions as well!
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replied April 16th, 2014
Extremely eHealthy
I am not an expert but I suggest you ask your doctor to test you for ME or myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Good luck!
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