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Late period, white discharge, stressed out

So me and my girlfriend messed around on January 29, but we didn't have sex. She did give me a handjob, but my cum didn't go anywhere near her vagina. She has irregular cycles I think, and she didn't keep track until only recently, but if we based it off her two previous periods, December 10 and January 8, it was 29 days apart. If we're going to follow that, she should've had her period yesterday, but it still hasn't arrived yet and she is extremely stressed out. She is also having her PMS symptoms like bloating, and she says that her vagina produces lots of white discharge. Is her period just delayed from her stressing out, and are they just PMS symptoms?
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replied February 7th, 2017
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The way you describe your encounter there is no way she could have got pregnant other than by secretly grabbing a handful and slathering it in her vagina. In addition she would not have been fertile on Jan 29th assuming a 29 day cycle. Ovulation is about 14 days before the next period and the egg is only good for one day. The sexual excitement has likely messed with her hormones.

Calm her down and all should get back to normal. Buy some condoms and vaginal spermicide and set them aside against the day you decide to go all the way. Better yet, have her tell her mom she is thinking of becoming sexually active and needs to go on the pill.
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replied February 8th, 2017
Thank you so much!

I just felt like I need to add this information. We humped fully naked before the handjob, but my penis didn't go near her vagina as we were in a doggystyle position and my penis was just hitting her the top of her buttcrack. I peed before the act, so any sperm in my precum would be dead. I also did not ejaculate at this time.

Afterwards, we proceeded with the blowjob and handjob. After I ejaculated, I rinsed my hands with water and she rinsed her hands and face with water. I dried my hands with a towel, and grabbed her underwear and gave it to her, and she wore it. Would she get pregnant from that?

Also, she was supposed to have her period two days ago, but still no blood. Bloating and the white discharge with no odor are her symptoms. She has calmed down quite a bit, but she is tired of stressing out.
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