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Late period, trying and with fibroids

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I feel the same, period 1 week, I feel movement and light pain in uterus, plus I did spot twice within my cycle( light pink/brown)- I thought it was implantation bleeding but I have tested and results negative. I have tenderness in the breasts. I was diagnosed with 2 small fibroids. I have been trying to exercise more and eat better to see if the fibroids will go away. Could it be the fibroids are disintegrating?

I have always been regular and remember only one missed period in my life. I am within my healthy weight, but last year I overworked myself getting very little sleep and sleeping late -then i was diagnosed with the fibroids after my period became very heavy. Although my doctor did not mention it I am sure that i also suffered hormonal imbalance as I had the symptoms-fuzzy thinking, irritability, difficulty digesting vegetables, weight gain, ringing in the ears etc. I have since slowed down and feel much better. I have been taking more sunshine and flax seed for vitamin D.

I would not mind if I was pregnant but the result was negative.I am worried because what is behind the movements I feel in my uterus? Is it normal to feel any movement so early( if I am Pregnant) or is it the fibroids?
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