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Late period , negative test , swollen nipples

i had a period in the beginning of feb.
my periods are normally irregular.
i had protected sex and he did not finish at the end of feb.
i went to planned parenthood, got a negative test back and was put on BC.
still no period.
will the birth control re regulate my period or should i go buy my own home test?
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replied April 22nd, 2010
Especially eHealthy

* You had protected sex once
* He did not even ejaculate
* You had a negative pregnancy test.

Why do you still think you can be pregnant? If it will give you more assurance, take another test. By now you should 'blow the lid' right off the pregnancy test.

The BC will regulate your cycle. It may take a few cycles. Remember that you do not menstruate when you take the pill. Since you do not ovulate, your uterus does not prepare for implantation and you do not menstruate. It is withdrawal bleeding because the hormones is not present in the 7 days of placebo pills.

Take care!
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