Me and my girlfriend had sex twice both protected. The condom never broke but there is a chance there was some pre cum on the outside, but I highly doubt it. We had sex a day after she got off her period. And now her period is late. It's been 38 days since her period, but she has the signs. Breaking out, increased appetite, ect . And the other day in gym she thought she hit her period but turns out no luck. Is this normal? Should we be worried??
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replied April 29th, 2015
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Last period March 18th, sex March 25th, ovulation perhaps April 1st. Your sex was not in the fertile window so the chance of pregnancy is slim indeed. She does have enough signs to make one worry, including lotion discharge "running to the bathroom thinking AF was coming". Maybe she has a cyst acting up. She should run a home pregnancy test to make sure of the facts.
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