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Late period and missed microgynon pills

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i started microgynon 30 back in june and i can honestl say i did miss pills on days here and there, so i went on to have my normal 7 day break and had my period on the 21st of july(6thday of 7day free break) so started my 2nd pack back up on the 22nd as normal,took the 23rd, forgot 24th and 25th, took 26th, forgot 27th,28th,29th, took 30th, that night on the 30th of july i had unprotected sex with other half then realised on the 31 that i was at risk so went and had advice from my pharmacy who wanted me to take emergency pill but i didnt want to, well i was starting to have brown spotting while seein the pharmacy and she siad its old blood from the intercourse so stopped taking the pill altogether, so monday all the way to friday i had this brown spottin only wen going to loo noticing it on loo roll, friday night i had to go up hospital due to cramping from wednesday night but turned out i had a uti(water infection) so from my last af 21st of july i would av been due af the 17th of august but since 16th of august iv had dizzy spells, nipples very sore it makesme wanna cry if touched or brushed,my sense of smell seems to have gone stronger,i cant stop weeiiing, really gassy, well yesterday i had this sort of light cramping but noticeable feeling like a heavy tugging/streching feelin in lower stomach,

i am now 8 days late and cheap ebay 10miu brands are showing neegative, an also had sex on the 19th of this month hope some one got some idea of advice
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