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Late period and back pain

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hi, i have never skipped a period before, they used to be a up to a week late max, my last period was 7 weeks ago, and was unusually sort, i didn’t take much notice of it then. but usually they will last for 5-7 days, but this was only 2, and now my next one is very late.

i didn’t have back problems to begin with they have just started over the past few days, i get it in my lower back. its a dull achy ness, and as a result i cant stay in bed longer then 5 hours before it starts to really hurt.

i have taken 2 pregnancy tests, one a week and half ago and one a day ago and both were negative. and im going to wait another 2 weeks to see if my period catches up and it was just a skipped a month before i venture to the doctors. im starting to get stressed, because this is very unusual for me.

i have just moved in with my partner of 2 and half years and we have always been carful with protection and sex. so i don’t really know what it could be.

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