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late period after taking plan b

could i be pregnant if i had sex on day 29 of my menstrual cycle?
there was bleeding during sex but it ceased after sex.
i had hyperthyroidism but after undergo operation last december, my thyroid hormone level is normal and i m not under meditation.

my last menstrual cycle was 33days. but it's already day 35 today, yet my menses havent come.
i had 1st tablet of Plan B around 60+ hours after sex and the next tablet 12hours after it. thats mean i had Plan B on the day 32 .
i did pregnancy test on day 33 morning, it showed negatively.

what can i do now?
is the possiblity i get pregnant high or none at all? i am not ready to hv a baby yet. but the fact that my period is late freak me out.
i am confused n nervous . needs some advises/ helps.
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replied June 9th, 2008
my period already came. thx anyway.
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replied January 10th, 2009
When my period was late coming after Plan B, I read over lots of these forums. Here is what ended up happening for those seeking information! Note that I'm not a medical professional so what happened to me might not happen for everyone.

My period started Day 1, and I normally have a 30 day cycle. I had sex and the condom broke on the morning of Day 8. I took Plan B the afternoon of Day 8, and the website says it's 95% effective if taken in the first 24 hours. The pharmacist said that my period should come when it normally does (Day 31), but also if I don't get my period within 3 weeks (Day 29), to take a pregnancy test. She told me that I might get spotting after about a week. I got spotting on Days 15 and 16. Then Day 29 came and went, then Day 31 came and went, so I started freaking out. I told myself that if I didn't get my period within the week, that I would take a test. I didn't get my period until Day 38, which was right on time if you counted "Day 1" to be the day I took Plan B. There was a lot of scary days for my partner and I, but it all worked out. I hope it does for the rest of you too!!
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replied January 18th, 2012
Am I pregnant or stressful ?
I have been on EVRA for few years now. Period are really accurate with EVRA.
My last period was 15th December 2011. My EVRA cycle starts again on the 21st Dec, 28th Dec and 4th Jan. EVRA free on 11th Jan. The period is supposed to come by 13th - 15th but still have not.

I had intercourse on the 12th Jan ( 1 day after free EVRA week) but freak out and took Plan B.

Today is 1 week since the last EVRA.

Will Plan B cause the delay?

Besides, the for the last 3 weeks, i am on some medication for sinus and cough - Nasonex, Hycodan, Ventolin, Benilyn, started Sandoz-Clarithromycin yesterday and have not been sleeping more than solid straight 1-2 hours for the last 4-5 nights due to massive coughing.

Will this be the cause of the perios delay too?

Or any possibility of me getting pregnant?

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replied April 7th, 2012
Can't sleep, please help! I had unprotected sex almost a week ago. I would have normally gotten my period then. But of course I got scared and bought a Next Step packet. (I was told it's the same as Plan B) The lady told me to take both pills together. And this was about 32hrs after unprotected sex. My period hasn't come and it's been a week. I am so freaked out. Is that normal because of the hormones? When should I really panic and take a pregnancy test...if my period doesn't come??
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