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Late period, a lot of watery and white milky discharge!

Hi, well first of all, I've been having what I've..."decided" is Bacterial Vaginosis for more than 3 months now (strong fishy odor and some occasional itchiness), and I am finally going to go see a doctor about on Monday... but I'm also afraid I might be please let me know your opinion!

My cycles have always been irregular, so I never really know what "late" is exactly, but my average is of around 36 days... three months ago it was of 48 days....but it came. After that, they were of 34 33 34, and today is my 48th day... and I've been having a lot of watery discharge for a few weeks now! In one of those times it literally drenched my underwear! I want to blame both these things on my infection, but I have to wonder why it seems only this month that i had the watery discharge that I've never had before, when I've had the infection for more than 3 months now...and my period is taking a while to come...

Also, i use condoms with my boyfriend, but three weeks ago, he put his penis against (not in) my vagina after he took the condom off for maybe 1 or 2 seconds... My last period started on Sep. 9 and ended on the 15th, and we had sex on the 29th, and on the 6th ( when that "incident" happen) and two days ago... can anyone please tell me their opinion please!?? that discharge is not normal for me! and i kinda consider my period to be late!

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replied October 28th, 2011
PLease Help!
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