I have been on the nuvaring since September. This month, I began removed my ring on the 9th and began my period on the 11th. I was supposed to put my ring back in on the 16th, but didn't do so until the 18th. I had unprotected sex on the morning of the 16th, as well as the 19th. Out of concern, I took the morning after pill on the 19th.

Last night I had unprotected sex as well. My ring has been in for three days, though I put it in two days late, and I took the morning after pill two days ago.

I calculated my cycle of ovulation, and technically, I'm in the "danger zone," but because I recently took the morning after pill AND am on birth control, I am totally confused as to where I stand.

How long do the effects of the morning after pill last? After 9 days without my ring and three with it, how high are the chances of getting pregnant?

Is there a chance I could be pregnant? Should I...take the morning after pill again?

Thanks a lot, I'm a bit concerned.
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replied May 22nd, 2009
Plan B can be taken as late as 72 hours after unprotected sex, so I would assume that you would be covered for three days- which includes both instances of unprotected sex.
I'm curious to know why you would have unprotected sex a second time after having a close call only two days before. I think you need to be much more careful about your choices in the future.
You could take the Plan B again just to be on the safe side. As far as I know , there are no restrictions on the number of times you can use it.
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replied May 23rd, 2009
Thank you so much for your polite response. I am completely aware of the lack of responsibility I have displayed; frankly, I was...quite drunk and made a major error.
I wound up not taking Plan B a second time, as it just didn't seem healthy, and I figured that, having only been two days late to insert my nuva ring after my period and having taken Plan B, I should be alright. I suppose we will see...
Again, thanks for the input.
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