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late miscarriage and sperm quality

Hi there
I recently went to an acupuncture clinic, as an alternative way to deal with my fertility issues. I have had two miscarriages, first at 13 weeks, the second one at 20 weeks (after a premature rutpture of membranes at 17 weeks). The practitioner there said that to eliminate causes, we should have my husband have a sperm analysis. As the recomended clinic is quite expensive, I have some doubts whether this is necessary, given that the GP had discarded this as a possible cause. Could you please let me know if sperm quality could be the cause, if we have had a baby deveop normally to 20 weeks, and post-mortem has confirmed baby was healthy and the rupture was the cause (albeit unexplained why rupture happened) in other words, in those circumstances would you consider it necessary to test sperm...
many thanks in advance
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replied June 10th, 2008
1 miscarriage
I am a 26 year old female and my husband and I started the fertility/infertility journey about 1 year ago. I have had 1 miscarriage and I was about 10 weeks along. I have confirmed with not only my OBGYN but my acupuncturist that they feel my miscarriage was unrelated to my husbands sperm viability. I have begun acupuncture to help with my fertility. I have learned that if your liver is stagnent that the blood flow needs to be redirected that way and also to your reproductive organs. Incidentally, after my miscarriage and three more months of trying to conceive with no success I asked my husband to do a semen analysis out of curiosity. Now with no relation to the miscarriage he actually had a very poor sperm analysis. His count was below 20 million(a man should be at atleast 30 million), his morphology and motility were at 5%(meaning we had a 5% chance of ever conceiving, so basically we were lucky to have had the first pregnancy). So they recommended he see a urologist, so we did. They told him that he had a varicocele; which is a varicose vein that runs from that abdomen to the scrotem causing a pool of blood in the scrotum hence frying his sperm. So he had two options-1. surgically fix the problem by stenting the varicose veins that ran to his scrotum or 2. having a varicocele embilization. Both having above 70% success rate, we chose the embilization. This option was less invasive and was less of a recovery period. We were very successful now having above 40 million sperm cound and morphology and motility being above 75%. I am telling you all of this information because I have learned that over 70% of couples trying to conceive find out that the male is the reason for infertility problems and 9 times out of 10 it is a varicocele. So I would say have the analysis done. It won't hurt to check and maybe it will help you to conceive easier. So to get back to your original question, there have not been enough studies to prove the correlation between miscarriage and sperm. My acupunturist said that I may have a problem with either implantation or holding the pregnancy past implantation. It sounds to me like you may be having a hard time holding the pregnancy immediately after implantation. I would speak to your acupuncturist about that if you haven't already. Good luck and keep me posted.
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