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Lasting anxiety following a panic attack, or health issue?

I had an episode, of which I believe to be a panic attack, 3 days ago following a long day moving office furniture out of a building in 90+ degree heat with very high humidity. After about 5 or so hours of this, I was very exhausted, as on top of everything else, this was physically a lot for me compared to what I had been doing the last few months (not much of anything lol). Its been 3 days now and I still feel light headed, dizzy, generally nauseated (have not thrown up), and most importantly I feel a ton of anxiety and like I cannot control my heart rate at times. I've never experienced anything like this before, so obviously its concerning. I feel like im losing control, so im hoping maybe someone here might give me some insight into this. Or maybe just typing it out will help, I dont know.

So a bit about the incident and about myself, I'll try not to ramble...

Im a bit of a mild hypochondriac, not really bad, but enough to worry over something abnormal. And I also seem to be suffering from some GAD lately, lot of stress in my life. I have had what I believe to be a few panic attacks lately, but almost exclusively when smoking (weed), which I have since stopped. But never outside of that. Preceding the incident above, I had been losing weight at a decent pace, from 198 to 177lbs in about a month or 2. And thus was not eating a whole lot each day, which maybe have lead to the overexertion. Nonetheless, when I was able to calm myself after the attack, I got home and drank a slim-fast shake to put something in me even though I didnt feel like eating, and went to bed, still feeling very uneasy. I expected the feeling to be gone in the morning, as any previous attack had been short lived. But much to my surprise I woke up and felt nauseous and dizzy, and almost immediately began to panic, and struggled for hours if I should go to the hospital.

Since then, each day has seemed every so slightly better. But generally I still feel dizzy and lightheaded whenever I get up and do something, and sometimes even sitting down. I constantly am checking my pulse, and feel like I cant control my heart rate, even sitting doing absolutely nothing I work myself up to a heart rate of maybe 110-120. Which is not overly significant, but its just constantly happening. I feel like I can never relax. Even sleeping is hard, its hard to get myself settled down to be able to sleep, and on top of that I just worry about waking up knowing ill likely be uncomfortable/worked up again. Just this morning (day 3) my brother woke me up in the morning closing the bathroom door and I felt like my heart rate might as well have been 140. I was able to get myself calmed down, but its this general fear of not being able to control myself that is scaring me.

So to recap, im about 27, 177lbs and no real health issues thus far. I currently do not have insurance, so I'm quite timid about going to the hospital only for them to tell me im stressed out and foot me a 1,000 bill. The only other thing I can say concerning my health is I did go to a cardiologist as soon as 2 years ago, who did an EKG and cleared me to get prescribed adderall (which I am not currently taking for at least 6 months). My general issues is daily and constant light headed, no appetite and nausea (no throwing up), lots of acid reflux (burping constantly) and gas, and constant diarrhea. So can stress cause all this? And for how long?

On paper I seem healthy enough, even though I dont want to eat when I do I do not throw up, I am drinking plenty of water, getting at least 5 hours of sleep a night, and so far have not passed out or anything from the dizziness. So just confused on whats going on. Hopefully someone can comment on some of this or share a similar story. And if not it helped to type it out I think, and reading around this forum has helped a bit. Thanks.
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replied September 7th, 2012
panic attack here it comes there it goes again
I have been dealing with anxiety/ panic for about 5 days now, I have suffered from anxiety for years but not this constant. I'm talking to a counselor and realizing its most likely because of stress I have let build up. Ie growing up in an alcoholic/drug using family, traumatic brain injury to my younger sister, mother passing from cancer, boyfriend od'd(death) ect. I'm 25 female lower class with a lot of support from family, however I've always tried to keep things under crontrol, no crying keep everyone happy and so on. I hope for my sake and yours we can get through this aweful feeling of panic(waking up stressed, continuing throughout the day) life is good and it will be ok. Smile
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replied September 9th, 2012
Thanks for the reply coral4mill. I too am thinking thats the cause of mine anxiety. I have always had a lot of stress in my life, but maybe I just piled it on a bit too much this time, and I just cracked. Without even realizing it.

I wanted to almost make a new thread on this subject, but maybe it will still get some views and responses here. When going through pretty bad anxiety as explained, does anyone else suffer with sleep? I wouldnt have thought this to be the biggest issue, but laying down to sleep is hard, cant get myself to relax and end up making myself uncomfortable. But even worse, is that I get nervous over the thought of waking up. Every morning so far since it started when I wake up I am always in a mild to moderate panic. I feel dizzy and confused at first, and find it hard to settle myself down.
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