I've been having abdominal discomfort and dull pain since last Saturday. It
started out on my left side and now has moved over to my right, staying in the
same general area on both sides. My smyptoms include fatigue, loss of appetite
(though I have been trying to eat foods easy on the stomach), abdominal pain,
gas, and I've been having a hard time keeping my head clear.
I've had this before, but it's never lasted for days. It usually only lasts for
a day or so. I have gone to the doctor for a good amount of years, had tests
done (Ultrasounds, CATscans, etc...) and they have never been able to find
anything wrong. I have even gone to a gastroenterologist with no help.
I am hesitant to go to a doctor, only because, every time I do, they can never
find anything wrong. Can you please help me?
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replied June 2nd, 2010
I've been experiencing almost the same symptoms, but my pain does not move from my left side.
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