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Last stage of Congestive Heart Failure?

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Congestive heart failure is a serious condition. But how does it differ from a heart attack? And what types of congestive heart failure do doctors diagnose?...
Can people be born with heart problems? What medical conditions will make congestive heart failure more likely. This and more in the causes and risks section....
Do you know some of the signs of congestive heart failure (CHF)? Learn to identify signs and symptoms of CHF here so that you know when to ask for help....
My father has cocngestive heart and is 82. The only treatment he is on is regular meds and oxygen. He denied surgery.

My question is what are the symptoms of the final stages? Is it painful and if so, what areas are effected? Should he be mobile? He says he cannot do anything because he is weak and in pain.

The doctor said that he just needs to take is laysic for the water and will not give him pain killers.

He is very depressed and I am trying to determine what is normal and what could be drama induced by depression. He does not want to be alone yet refuses a visiting nurse when is lady friend has to leave the home for appointments, etc.

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First Helper Bella1021

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replied August 18th, 2008
In the final stages of congestive heart failure fluids are colected in the legs, abdominal cage (ascites) and chest. Blood stagnation damages the liver. Legs become very swelled and the abdomen too. Blood stagnation in the chest causes hard breathing. In such condition, the patient finds very difficult to move.

Diuretic drugs (Lasix) and cardiotonic drugs (digoxin) are given to treat heart failure. ACE-inhibitors are also given. Most of the diuretic drugs cause potassium lose so potassium (K) suplements should be also given. If there are some additional disorders thery are also treated.

Depression is an additional disorder in most of the chronic disorders including congestive heart failure.
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replied November 19th, 2010
Yes, my mother is going through this right now, we have just admitted her into a long-term care facility, and she is in such discomfort. Having breathing problems, and constant nausea. Her body is filling up with fluids, and she is in and out of wakefulness. It is hard to see this happening to such a wonderful woman. She is sleeping a lot, and when she is a wake she complains about her pain, being cold, being uncomfortable, etc. There simply is no simple cure, there are so many things that just leave you feeling helpless, and frustrated. I rub her feet and legs with lotion and try to keep her lips moist with chapstick, and sips of water, when I can we pray, but her thoughts are scattered and she soon falls back to sleep. It is so frustrating. Then there are the bills that need attention, and the utilities that need be addressed. I know that my God loves me, but if anyone reading this could please say an extra prayer for me - I am sure it could not hurt, and sure would help. God Bless to those who are going through this, if you don't know God, you will by the end of this challenge in your life.
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replied May 29th, 2011
My mother recently passed away from CHF My 25 - 2011. She had severe edema with infections on both legs. This happened the last two months of her life. She had slowed down in her walking the past year. The past two months slowly she declined to where she needed assistance to go to the bathroom. It took her 2 hours to get of of bed due to painful soles of her feet. In her last days, she was able to enjoy the sun on her face. She slept in a chair upright to alleviate the fluids in her lungs. Finally, she collapsed one morning with a massive heart attack. The doctors told me she went peacefully. Truthfully, she really had 2 months of pain (which the doctors prescribed tyleol 3 for). We miss her terribly but are relieved to see her out of pain and in a better place.
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replied June 14th, 2011
Severe Heart Failure - Final stages?
My dad is 83 and in the final stages of severe heart failure. Has been going down hill since Jan 2011. Admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago. Came on and was in 3 days later due to a heart attack.

There is a lot of fluid in the legs and chest area. Never noticed it before. He does not eat said he feels sick if he does. Has memory loss (slight) due to lack of oxygene.
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replied September 19th, 2011
I pray for all of you CHF-ers!
EECP (atleast 35 1 hour treatments, they pump blood to your heart to make new blood vessels and improve heart function creates a type of stem cell which makes blood vessels CD133+, + STEM CELLS Use a stem cell to Repair heart attack damage (Cd34+ cells, creates new heart tissue where there was a heart attack, this is near a miracle!)Do these treatments until then get the book by dr stephen sintra, "reversing heart disease now". buy the supplements: D ribose take it (5-15grams a day) $40 for a months supply , l carnitine take this 1.5 to 3 grams a day up to 4.5 ($30 for a months supply)grams a day, Coenzyme Q10 400mg ($40 for a months supply) once to 3 times a day, L taurine (2grams to 8 grams a day), and hawthorne strengthens the heartbeat ($8, works like digoxin except with next to no side effects, but ask doctor if taking with digoxin, WS 1442 also known as heartcare in the US found in germany as a prescription med) Also one very important supplement called magnesium ororate has been shown to imrpove heart failure symtpoms taken 2 to 6 grams a day. mainly its the oric acid in this form of magnesium which helps with energy levels. good luck to you all God Bless and pray for my family in return! thank you.
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replied November 12th, 2011
Congestive Cardiac Failure
sorrow for you all, regards Susanne, (Australia).
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