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I have a large penis and Testicals and it's difficult to hide my bulge at the best of times. I've been single for some time now but just recently met a girl at work, I'm finding it very hard to not think about sex when I see her and my bulge is even more obvious, doesn't help when she leans over my desk with her low cut top so I can see her bra etc, I then have to go to the toilet. Although I like this girl I have met I don't want to start a relationship with a co-worker, bit I can't concentrate when she's strutting round half naked, I think she knows what she's doing too so how can I put a stop to her arousing me before I lose control. I have told her that I don't have relationships with colleagues in a general conversation a while ago buy she had suddenly changed dress sense to very sexy revealing dress code which is getting me very aroused. Not sure how to cure this without looking like a typical bloke with a one track mind.
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replied February 7th, 2011
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I also have a simular problem and have found ways to cover up this problem.

Private message me if you want to talk more

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