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Large ovarian cyst... Concerned...?!

I am a overweight 28yr old female obviously I have ovaries... March 21st they found a 14cm "cyst/mass/tumor" in my pelvic area.. Attached to my right ovary. I've been in pain for 4mos. Had 1 ultrasound done where the detected it. 1 CT scan w/ contrast... And have a MRI w/contrast coming up Sunday. Over the past four months I've gone from just horrible pain and frequent urination. To extremely fatigued. Changes in my cycle... Lower back pain similar to labor pain... So much.. They haven't determine if its just a cyst or.. What... I have a history of cancer on my moms side... Female cancer... Should I be concerned at this point? In the beginning I could button and zio my jeans... Now... I cant.. I look six months pregnant at least... I'm very concerned...
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replied April 17th, 2015
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I am sorry you are dealing with this! If you do have a family history of ovarian cancer, then it is more concerning. If you do not, then it is not as concerning. Absent a genetic link, a woman's lifetime risk of ovarian cancer is less than 2%. The other gynecologic cancers, endometrial (uterine) and cervical, do not have a genetic link.

Being that your cyst is large, it will probably need to be surgically removed. Unfortunately, ovaries are often removed with cysts when all that should be removed is the cyst itself (cystectomy) which will preserve the ovary and its lifelong hormone production.

My organs were needlessly removed for an ovarian cyst even though it was benign. Our ovaries and uterus have lifelong, non-reproductive functions so removal of any part can cause permanent problems.

It is essential that we advocate for ourselves to ensure that we receive treatment that restores normal function instead of crippling our bodies' normal functions.

I hope this helps in getting proper treatment!
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